We’re Here To Answer Your Enquires

04 July 2016
Frequent Asked Questions
Are the produce really locally grown in Singapore?

Definitely YES! And Double confirmed!!
We are 100% Grown-in-Singapore.

Do you use pesticides, herbicides and/or fungicides?

Oh, definitely NO! Because our produce are grown in controlled, clean & safe environment, there is no need to use any of those chemicals! We believe that our produce are of good quality because we care for your well-being! They are so good and clean that you can even eat them as they are.

Do you add any preservatives to your produce?

There are no additives or preservatives in our produce.

Are your produce pre-washed?

We don’t, because the produce are all grown in a controlled, clean & safe, as well as contaminant-free environment. From seedlings to harvesting to packing, the produce are clean. However if you really want to wash the produce, no problem too!

Why does Packet Greens choose to grow indoors?

When you grow indoors, unlike outdoor framing, we are not affected or constrained by weather changes, haze, pollutants and temperatures jump. On the contrary, we can control the perfect temperature, humidity and lightings that our produce need. This will provide solutions of consistency all year round!

Why can’t we buy Packet Greens produce from the supermarkets and other retail outlets?

Many retailers and supermarkets get a cut from the produce they sell. Here at Packet Greens, we cut away the middleman! No fuss, just Us! Direct from the growers to your dinning table.

How do we buy Packet Greens produce?

Click here to save time & money!  No more crowded markets!  Say Yes to PESTICIDE-FREE  & Local Produce!

From A-la-carte items to bundle sets, we will deliver right to your doorstep each and every week with only the freshest and highest quality hand-picked produce. 

We deliver Island-wide! Guaranteed pesticide-free safe and freshest harvest. Start eating safe & clean and stay pesticide-free!