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Kale 01

Curly Kale

Rossa Lettuce 02

Rossa Lettuce

Red Vein Sorrel

Red Vein Sorrel

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Lemon Balm

Sweet Basil

Sweet Basil

Shiso Korea

Shiso Korea (Perilla Leaves) 

Wasabi Green

Wasabi Greens

What we love about Packet Greens is all about their Chemical and Pesticide Free Fresh Vegetables! When we got to know about their passion towards quality food source and sustainability, we are happy to work with them! Using Urban Farming concept, they have improvised and take farming to the next level – indoor farming. They are able produce freshly grown vegetables locally to bridge the distance of food source and consumers. In addition, they also sell freshly cold pressed juice, which is a plus point. Now everyone, young and old, love or hate the greens, can indulge in quality produces in their own way. We look forward to more collaboration with Packet Greens to provide consumers good food source quality and with more creative choices of products. Kenneth Tan – Sproutfore

One of the best things for a chef is to see and know where your produce comes from. These modern day “farmers” use the best information and techniques to gives us the freshest and nutritional produce available on our tiny island. Packet greens not only grows, they listen to what the consumer has to say. Thus way we get an ever changing variety of fresh greens!

Marc Wee – Arbite

Very worth the purchase. Bought a packet each of green lettuce, purple romaine lettuce and Korean shiso, all very fresh and tasted good. Can use as salad, blended juice or stir fry. I can even continue to grow some bunches in nutrient solution to keep them fresh. Mrs Phuan and her daugher, Praise are very friendly and helpful owners giving plenty of information of their vegetables. Will definitely return to buy more.Veronica Yuen
Total value for money! The quality of greens is much better than what you can get from the markets. If you do not come and shop here, you can get to taste their beautiful greens at selected restaurants.Cecilia Lu
Significantly taste much more flavoursome than normal veggies. My husband, who is no lover of veggies of any kind all his life, now is a lover of salads because of Packet Greens greens. Now he embraces healthy eating, and he looks forward to having his salads every day. He even tells his friends that he endorses hydroponic veggies. 🙂Jennifer Banks
 I love how fresh you can get the vegetables straight from local source, with the best part for me is the pesticides-free benefit! Organic produce may not necessarily be pesticides-free, and are normally pricey. Their veggies are sold at reasonable prices – value for money! Also, it gives me the assurance that my consumes are definitely fresh & natural right upon purchase. I just love natural local produce. Jamie Lim