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08 February 2017
Grow More With Less!

In just a 1,500 sqft growing area, we are able to produce 20-30 kg per day of veggies. This is the beauty of urban vertical farming. If the ceiling height goes higher, that means more produce can be yield from this small space we have. With technology and maximizing space, we are able to almost double the amount of produce per day with the similar amount of space! What makes this even better is when we are in an enclosed area with the ability to grow our produce in a controlled environment and giving our produce what they need to be at their best quality when harvested!

We are proud to be YOUR Urban Farmer in Singapore!

Indoor Vertical Farming

In our veggie farm, different varieties of vegetables are grown and harvested without ever being exposed to outside conditions. Having absolute control on the environment, we are able to provide the plants with exactly what they require at respective growth stages.

This new system of farming gives us the opportunity to transform spaces that would otherwise be non-arable to grow crops. Through a multi-layered shelf design, we are not only able to save space in a land-scarce country such as Singapore but also completely eliminate the reliance on pesticides. In addition, we are able to cultivate certain plants that are unable to survive in the tropical climate of Singapore.


This term may be green to some but it has actually been around since the first century. This form of agriculture translates into delivering plants the necessary nutrients without the use of soil. This soil-less approach relies on various mediums that replace the functions of the soil. As the roots are submerged into a nutrient-dense solution, they do not need to compete with other biodiversity found in soils. This allows plants to absorb nutrients more efficiently and avoids the incidence of pests as well as contaminants.


A unique feature of our farm is that we employ the latest artificial lighting to enhance the quality of our yield in an energy efficient manner. This allows us to grow our crops independent of the sunlight cycle and continuously produce in a sustainable fashion. The introduction of red and blue LED lights have proven extremely effective in replacing sunlight.