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07 July 2016
What’s Happening at Packet Greens?
Have you tried our new farmbox bundles?  Now FREE DELIVERY at your preferred timing when you purchase any bundle sets from us.  Wait no further! Pesticides-Free, Local-Grown Fresh Produce delivered to your doorstep at YOUR CONVENIENCE!  Order now by clicking “Shop Now”
Packet Greens Team
Our Products
Green Lettuce

Green Lettuce

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Curly Kale

Curly Kale

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Sweet Basil

Sweet Basil

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* Farm fresh & Pesticide-free * We deliver to your doorstep *

How It Works

Click here to save time & money!  No more crowded markets!  Say Yes to PESTICIDE-FREE  & Local Produce!

From A-la-carte items to bundle sets, we will deliver right to your doorstep each and every week with only the freshest and highest quality hand-picked produce. 

We deliver Island-wide! Guaranteed pesticide-free safe and freshest harvest. Start eating safe & clean and stay pesticide-free!